ELQ’s Annual Review issue now available online

ELQ_coverEvery year, Ecology Law Quarterly publishes its Annual Review of Environmental and Natural Resource Law. The latest version is now available at ELQ’s web site. Check out these articles from the issue. You’ll find they cover a tremendous amount of ground in a way that is both educational and entertaining. And at the ELQ site you’ll also find “In Brief” casenotes, a book review, and the latest from Ecology Law Currents.

Nathaniel Johnson, Sackett‘s Limit

Katie Schaefer, Reining in Sovereign Immunity to Compensate Hurricane Katrina Victims

Nathan Damweber, PPL Montana v. Montana: From Settlers to Settled Expectations

Elisabeth Long, Wyoming v. USDA: A Look Down the Road at Management of Inventoried Roadless Areas for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

Anuradha Sivaram, Why Citizen Suits Against States Would Ensure the Legitimacy of Cooperative Federalism Under the Clean Water Act

Gwynne Hunter, Severance v. Patterson: How Do Property Rights Move When the Dynamic Sea Meets the Static Shore?

Mary Loum, The Verdict on Environmental Harm: Leave It to the Jury

Heather Welles, Toward a Management Doctrine for Texas Groundwater

Jessica Diaz, A Forest Divided: Minard Run Oil Co. v. U.S. Forest Service and the Battle Over Private Oil and Gas Rights on Public Lands

Emily Gardner, Adaptive Management in the Face of Climate Change and Endangered Species Protection

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