Yes, It’s That Time of Year Again

If you read Legal Planet, you know why the work we do matters.

There couldn’t be a more important time for the work we do,  given the urgency of the climate crisis and the ongoing policy disaster in D.C.  Like everyone else, I’m sure you find fundraising appeals annoying.  That’s why we hardly ever do them on Legal Planet. But twice a year doesn’t seem like too much of an imposition.  And as I said, the need is pressing.

The last three years have seen an unceasing barrage of environmental rollbacks in D.C., with a recent escalation in efforts to squelch pro-environmental action by California.  There’s an especially critical need today for policy-driven research to help keep environmental progress moving forward outside of D.C.  At both Berkeley and UCLA, we are working closely with state officials to help keep California moving forward.

The work we’ve done has more than local significance.  In a project headed by former Governor Jerry Brown, we are working to bring experience and expertise in California to assist China in reducing its carbon footprint.   And there’s also a need for reliable, evidence-based insight into the national situation.  The last three years have been spent playing defense, but if there’s a change in Administrations next year, our expertise will be all the more important in designing new national policies.

Our research programs at Berkeley and UCLA are dedicated to those missions.

  • Berkeley. If you’d like to support Berkeley’s Center for Law, Energy, and the Environment (CLEE), click here.  If you’d like more  information about the Center, click here.
  • UCLA. You can find out more about UCLA’s environmental law programs here.  The law school’s Emmett Institute has a new, dedicated donation page here.

Thanks for your support, and for reading Legal Planet!  We promise not to hit you up again till the days are at their longest next summer.

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