Carlson to Nat’l Academy of Sciences panel on mitigating climate change

Contributor Ann Carlson’s too modest to post this herself, but she’s recently been named as one of two lawyers to the National Academy of Sciences’ expert panel on “limiting the magnitude of future climate change.”   (The other is CARB chair Mary Nichols.)  As called for by Congress, NAS is convening experts from across disciplines to produce a science-based report on “the most effective short-term actions and most promising long-term strategies, investments, and opportunities for responding to climate change.”  The effort is being chaired by another UCLAer, Chancellor Emeritus Al Carnesale.   

Consisting mostly of scientists and economists, Ann’s mitigation panel will likely confront knotty legal questions of regulatory design, implementation and enforcement.  Read more about the appointment here, and let’s wish her good luck from Legal Planet.

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