Cronkite on Climate

Walter Cronkite (photo from TPM)
Walter Cronkite (photo from TPM)

Some people are calling him “the last journalist” because his breed of even-handed, fact-based report seems to be an endangered species. Be that as it may, it’s interesting to note that he spoke out on the subject of climate change a few years ago in the pages of the Philadelphia Inquirer.  Not surprising, his perspective was different from that of the Bush Administration, which made a practice of scoffing at the “reality-based community”:

The contempt of the Bush administration for environmentalists and their concerns is well known by now. While evidence of man- made environmental damage mounts, the Bush team resists its implications like a defeated army whose rear guard fights off its pursuers as it retreats. That has been especially true of its handling of the most serious of all environmental issues – global warming.

Speaking truth to power, as they say.  He’ll be missed.

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