Off to Copenhagen…

Tomorrow afternoon, the UCLA Law / Emmett Center on Climate Change delegation to COP 15 departs from LAX for Copenhagen.  I’ll be there with six terrific law school students, all of whom have backgrounds in climate and the environment and who have been studying the history of the Framework Convention on Climate Change in preparation for our trip.

We’ll be there until the 13th, meeting with delegates and participating in conference sessions and briefings.  You can read more about our class and trip in this news story, and follow our adventures at our specially-created Facebook page.  One of my students, Maya Kuttan, arrived early into Copenhagen and has already posted some terrific photos of the conference preparations. 

We will also, of course, be blogging about the negotations on Legal Planet, so stay tuned!   Today’s news that Pres. Obama will attend the second week of the conference, rather than the first, dashes our hopes of hearing him talk in person but continues to heighten expectations for a deal that’s more meaningful than one would have guessed last month.

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