After Copenhagen — Where Do We Go From Here?

Copenhagen was a letdown, and it would have been a complete disaster without President Obama’s last-minute efforts.  Where do we go from here?  How do we get the climate change effort back on track?

We’ll be holding a conference at Berkeley on January 28 to explore those issues.  “Beyond Copenhagen: Forging a Global Response to Climate Change, will feature a spectrum of Berkeley experts, nearly all of whom were at Copenhagen:

Panel 1: The International Dynamic

What are the major forces shaping the negotiations? What are possible avenues for the next round of negotiations?

Moderator: Laurel Fletcher (Law); Rob Collier (Goldman School); Blas Perez Henriquez (Goldman School); John Zysman (political science)

Panel 2: New Directions in Global Climate Policy

Where should global climate policy be going? How do we get there?

Moderator: Paul Wright (CITRIS); Michael Hanemann (ARE); Dan Kammen (ERG, Goldman, Engineering); David Roland-Holst (ARE)

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