Conference Webcast – The Environment and the Constitution

*Webcast is archived for later viewing, if you didn’t catch the live event.

On February 26, 2010.  9:00 a.m. –  5:30 p.m.webcast of (EST), you can attend the Environmental Protection in the Balance: Citizens, Courts, and the Constitution at Georgetown University Law Center, Washington, DC.

Today, the most important environmental law and policy disputes are shaped in the crucible of constitutional law. This symposium, anchored by two keynote speakers, will convene leading scholars, practicing lawyers, and policymakers to explore topics at the confluence of constitutional and environmental law.

Expert panels will analyze and discuss current trends in the federal courts that affect the future of environmental protection, including:

  • Citizen standing to bring environmental lawsuits, and other procedural issues that affect access to courts;
  • The scope of Congressional authority to enact comprehensive environmental laws;
  • The constitutional status of state and regional climate initiatives; and
  • New and emerging constitutional theories that bear on the future of environmental protection.

For more information, view the agenda, which includes a list of panelists, times, and discussion topics.  Speaker bios and other conference details can be found on the conference website.  To print or view publicity, check out the conference flyer here.

Co-sponsored by:
Center for Law, Energy & the Environment
Environmental Law Institute
Georgetown Environmental Law and Policy Program

Please contact Claire Van Camp – [email protected] or (510) 642-6774 – with any additional questions.

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