Happy Birthday, Legal Planet!

Happy Birthday!

Legal Planet has been up and running for a year now.* In that time, we’ve had almost 240,000 viewings, 839 comments,  and over 860 posts .

If we could just manage to have someone to reveal “LegalPlanetgate,”** we could become instantly world famous and ramp up our audience share  even more!


*Actually, this is an approximation because we had a predecessor blog (Environmental Law and Policy) for a few months and because we didn’t immediately go public with the blog. But a year is about right.

**We’re quite sure that if someone wants to hack into our emails, they will quickly die of boredom, but hey, give it a try!  (Although we feel obliged to mention that it may be a  federal offense; also we hereby disclaim any responsibility if you do in fact die of boredom.)

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