Jump-Starting Clean Tech

A new report illuminates the role of the stimulus package in energizing Clean Tech.  Three of the four areas discussed in the report fall into this category; the fourth relates to medical research.

1. Modernizing transportation, including advanced vehicle technology and high-speed rail. Among other things, this includes $2 billion in advanced battery and electric drive component manufacturing and $2.4 billion in loans to support three of the world’s first electric car factories. Not to mention $8 billion in funding for high speed rail.

2. Supporting the renewable energy sector through wind and solar energy. including more than 200 megawatts (MW) of solar projects that are already delivering solar power to consumers. (One MW equals almost a year’s worth of power to 300,000 homes.)

3. Investing in the Smart Grid, including adding 18 million new smart meters to the eight million currently in use, as well as 875 transmission system sensors to help prevent system outages.

Although the report’s main purpose is obviously to tout the Administration’s contribution to modernizing the economy, it also contains a wealth of useful background information about Clean Tech.

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