Primary Colors with a Green Overtone

Frederick Anderson, a leading Washington lawyer who works on energy and environment issues, has written a novel about the current primary campaign.  It features a candidate who starts thinking for himself, with predictably negative political effects.  Gary Hart, who knows a thing or two about how a primary campaign can go wrong, calls it a  “highly plausible narrative fashioned around believable characters and realistic political intrigue.”

Although it’s not explicitly about environmental issues, some passages seem quite on point.  One character muses:

sometimes people don’t seem to know what a fact is, or what cause and effect are.  They lack tools to link them. The form of a cause and effect is enough, and sometimes that is achieved by simple innuendo.  Repeat with conviction that a false state of affairs exists, and by sheer repetition it accretes heft, acquires influence and moves the affairs of the nation.

I think we can all bring to mind some relevant, environmental examples.



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