A new issue of Ecology Law Quarterly

ELQ has just published Volume 38, number 3, featuring papers from a takings symposium. Check out these articles:

J. Peter Byrne, Stop the Stop the Beach Plurality!

John D. Echeverria, Public Takings of Private Contracts

Cecilia Fex, The Elements of Liability in a Trails Act Taking: A Guide to the Analysis

Marc Mihaly & Turner Smith, Kelo’s Trail: A Survey of State and Federal Legislative and Judicial Activity Five Years Later

R.S. Radford & Luke A. Wake, Deciphering and Extrapolating: Searching for Sense in Penn Central

Ian Fein, Why Judicial Takings are Unripe

And on Ecology Law Currents there are new pieces reviewing the panels at the 2012 Water Law Symposium (held at Berkeley Law); aviation and emissions trading; seawater desalination as adaptation or contributor to climate change; and liability for stormwater discharges.