A Brief Survey for U.S. Environmental Law Professors

At the AALS midyear meeting, as part of the Workshop on Torts, Environment, and Disaster, Bruce R. Huber, John Copeland Nagle, Jessica Owley, Melissa Powers, Kalyani Robbins, Hari Osofsky and I will be co-presenting and co-moderating a session on “Generations of Environmental Law.” To help focus that discussion, we have prepared a brief survey for U.S. environmental law professors on their mentoring experiences.  (It’s limited to the U.S. because other professors operate in a very different institutional context.)  We’ve kept it very short (only 9 questions, which you can choose to answer by ticking off boxes in a minute or two, with room for your comments if you have time to provide more detail).

Thanks in advance for your participation in this effort to improve connections among colleagues.  We greatly appreciate it.  If you have any trouble clicking on the above survey link, you can also cut and paste http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/BXZBY8D into your internet browser.  I’ll post the results of the survey when they’re available.

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