Ecology Law Quarterly’s 2012 Annual Review issue is out

ELQ has just published its Annual Review of Natural Resources and Environmental Law. Check out these articles:

Alexander J. Bandza, Epidemiological-Study Reanalyses and Daubert: A Modest Proposal to Level the Playing Field in Toxic Tort Litigation

Gabrielle Cuskelly, Factors to Consider in Applying a Presumption Against Preemption to State Environmental Regulations

Catherine Groves, To Promote Compliance with the Clean Water Act, the EPA Should Pursue a National Enforcement Initiative to Regulate Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations

Nicholas Jimenez, Controlling Administrative Politics with Sunshine by Expanding the Aera Energy v. Salazar Principles

Jason M. Levy, Conflicting Enforcement Mechanisms Under RCRA: The Abstention Battleground Between State Agencies and Citizen Suits

Cody McBride, Making Pollution Inefficient Through Empowerment

Somerset Perry, The Gray Wolf Delisting Rider and State Management Under the Endangered Species Act

Arthur Pugsley, The Myth of EPA Overregulation

Daniel Pulver, This Land Is Your Land, This Land Is My Land: Allowing Third Party Standing to Address Environmental Harms on the Federal Public Lands

L. Elizabeth Sarine, The Supreme Court’s Problematic Deference to Special Masters in Interstate Water Disputes

Mary Tharin, Restoring Our Nation’s Waters Through Public Land Law

Jerett Yan, Standing as a Limitation on Judicial Review of Agency Action
This issue also includes nine “In Brief” shorter discussions of important cases, also available on line.
While you’re at ELQ’s website, take a look at Ecology Law Currents, featuring recent articles by Jennifer Barnette on geographic indications and sustainable agriculture; Nell Green Nylen, Elisabeth Long, Mary Loum, Heather Welles, Dan Carlin, Brynn Cook and Sage Adams on the Wilderness Act and oyster production in Drakes Estero; Rachel Degenhardt on hydraulic fracturing and groundwater contamination; and Yuwa Wei on China’s Regulatory Response to the Looming Energy Crisis.

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