An ELQ twofer

ELQ_Final RevisionsMy apologies to the folks at ELQ — I missed their last publication date. (Hint: please send one of us a heads up when an issue comes out if you want it posted on LP.) So here are links to the articles in the latest two issues, Volume 39 issues 3 and 4. Of course, the latest from both ELQ and Ecology Law Currents is always available direct from ELQ’s website.

ELQ Volume 39 Issue 3

Hope Babcock, Can Vermont Put the Nuclear Genie Back in the Bottle? A Test of Congressional Preemptive Power

Rebecca L. Goldberg, Administering Real Food: How the Eat-Food Movement Should–And Should Not–Approach Government Regulation

William C. Tucker, Deceitful Tongues: Is Climate Change Denial A Crime?

ELQ Volume 39 Issue 4

William Boyd, Genealogies of Risk: Searching for Safety, 1930s-1970s

Shannon M. Roesler, The Nature of the Environmental Right to Know

Reed D. Benson, Federal Water Law and the “Double Whammy”: How the Bureau of Reclamation Can Help the West Adapt to Drought and Climate Change

Rachael E. Salcido, The Success and Continued Challenges of the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area: A Grassroots Restoration