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Was a Clean Energy Entrepreneur, Now Has a Serious Shot at the U.S. Senate

Yesterday, we got some surprising news from Kansas.  The Democratic candidate withdrew and threw his support to Independent candidate Greg Orman, who might now be considered the front-runner against the incumbent Republican Senator.  Orman’s website has a refreshing take on energy and environmental issues:

In Washington today, one side says we must protect our environment no matter what impact it will have on our economy. The other side says doing anything at all will cost us jobs and is therefore unacceptable. Both sides have dug in and don’t believe there’s any basis for cooperation. 

The truth is this is a false choice, and I know it because as a businessman I did both. The first company I ever started, Environmental Lighting Concepts, designed and installed energy efficient lighting systems for commercial and industrial buildings. 

Our company created jobs, helped the environment, protected natural resources, and made money for our customers. We used the opportunity to cut energy and ultimately help the environment as a good business decision. 

His opponent, Sen. Pat Roberts, strongly supports expansion of oil drilling, but his Senate website also puts in a good word for ethanol and wind power. His website also contains some kind words about EPA’s contributions to improving air quality, while also calling for a “balanced” approach to regulation, which is sometimes a code word for ending regulation.  He’s voted to kill the cross-state air pollution rule and EPA climate change rules, and to approve the Keystone XL pipeline.  So not a Tea Party anti-regulatory crazy, but not too environmental either.

We’ll find out more about Orman now that he has a serious prospect for winning.  At this point, however, he definitely seems the more pro-environmental candidate.


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