Faculty Job Openings in Environmental Law

Looking for a job in law teaching? Here’s a list of schools doing searches in environmental, energy, or natural resources law.  I’ll update the list if I hear about additional openings.

Alabama is planning to hire at least one junior-lateral candidate or entry-level person this year.  Four subject matter areas are receiving special attention, one of which is administrative regulation (including the regulatory state and/or regulated industries or activities). Contact: Julia Hill [email protected]

Florida State University College of Law has a tenure/tenure track opening for an established scholar in environmental, land use, and/or natural resources law, among other areas. Senior faculty candidates may be eligible for a Named Professorship. Contact person: Professor David Markell, Chair, Appointments Committee, [email protected].

Georgetown is seeking a tenure-track hire to direct a transactional clinic. The subject matter of the clinic is open and could include a clean technology or sustainability focus. Contact: Hope Babcock, [email protected].

Hastings College of the Law is looking to hire an Environmental and Natural Resources Law Professor to start in the 2015-2016 academic year, with particular interest in the subfields of Water Resources, Land Use, Coastal and Estuary Law, Energy Law & Policy, Public Lands & Natural Resources, and/or Constitutional Environmental Law (including Takings). Contacts:  [email protected] (for information), Prof. Rick Marcus, [email protected] (to apply).

Pace Law School is looking to hire an Environmental Law Professor this year.  Here is the ad: http://czarnezki.com/2014/08/16/pace-law-school-seeks-to-hire-environmental-law-professor/

Tulane is currently searching for entry-level and pre-tenure lateral candidates to fill an energy law position.  We are currently considering entry-level and junior (i.e., pre-tenure) lateral candidates.  I’m attaching our ad for this and another unrelated position in case that’s helpful. Contact: Adam Feibelman, [email protected]

The University of Pittsburgh School of Law invites applications for a full-time faculty position at the rank of Assistant, Associate or Full Clinical Professor to teach in and direct the School’s Environmental Law Clinic. Contact: Ben Bratman  [email protected].

University of San Diego School of Law is looking to hire an environmental / energy scholar to assume an institutional leadership role in the field and build our current strengths. The position is likely to be a chaired position. The law school has a journal and concentration in environmental law as well as a very active and nationally known energy policy center, EPIC.Please send a letter of interest and a cv to [email protected].

Dedman School of Law, Southern Methodist University, is looking for a tenure/tenure-track entry level or lateral hire in the area of energy/natural resources/oil and gas.  We would prefer an interest in teaching Property Law as well.  Please contact Jeff Gaba, Chair, Appointments Committee, [email protected].

The University of New Mexico is seeking to fill a an environmental law faculty position (tenured/tenure track). The ideal candidate will have both teaching and practice experience in environmental law, with an interest in helping the law school establish a new environmental/natural resources clinic and sometimes teaching in the clinic. Contact: Professor Aliza Organick, Chair of the Faculty Appointments Committee, at [email protected].

The University of North Carolina will be hiring entry level candidates this year. Among the subject matter priorities that will be considered is energy law broadly defined. Contact: Victor Flatt, [email protected]

The School of Law of the University of the South Pacific is advertising a Senior Lectureship or Lectureship specializing in Environmental Law. The School is based in Vanuatu. Contact: Professor Eric Colvin, [email protected].


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Dan Farber has written and taught on environmental and constitutional law as well as about contracts, jurisprudence and legislation. Currently at Berkeley Law, he has al…

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About Dan

Dan Farber has written and taught on environmental and constitutional law as well as about contracts, jurisprudence and legislation. Currently at Berkeley Law, he has al…

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