Great environmental law scholarship

Some of the best articles in the field from 2014-15

Some of our readers may be interested in what is happening in environmental legal scholarship.  So I thought I’d post about the Land Use & Environment Law Review, which is Thomson Reuters/West Publishing’s peer-selected annual compendium of significant legal scholarship in land use and environmental law.  About sixty reviewers (made up of environmental law professors) considered the full range of articles published in law reviews on environmental law in 2014-2015.  The end of that process produced a list of five articles that were seen as worthy of recognition as contributing to the development of the field.  I’ve also added a list of finalists as well.  These lists will give you a sense of the excellent scholarship going on in the field, and the wide range of topics people are working on.  I’ve provided links for the articles below, to make it easier for you to enjoy them!


Biber, Eric and J.B. Ruhl. The permit power revisited: the theory and practice of regulatory permits in the administrative state. 64 Duke L.J. 133-234 (2014).

Camacho, Alejandro. Going the way of the dodo: de-extinction, dualisms, and reframing conservation. 92 Wash. U. L. Rev. 849 (2015)

Golden, John M. and Hannah J. Wiseman. The fracking revolution: shale gas as a case study in innovation policy. 64 Emory L.J. 955-1040 (2015).

Houck, Oliver A. The reckoning: oil and gas development in the Louisiana coastal zone. 28 Tul. Envtl. L.J. 185-296 (2015).

Wiseman, Hannah J. Regulatory islands. 89 N.Y.U. L. Rev. 1661-1742 (2014)


Aagaard, Todd S. Using non-environmental law to accomplish environmental objectives. 30 J. Land Use & Envtl. L. 35-62 (2014).

Boyd, William. Public utility and the low-carbon future. 61 UCLA L. Rev. 1614-1710 (2014).

Carlarne, Cinnamon. Delinking international environmental law & climate change. 4 Mich. J. Envtl. & Admin. L. 1-60 (2014).

Carothers, Leslie. Upholding EPA regulation of greenhouse gases: the precautionary principle redux. 41 Ecology L.Q. 683-749 (2014).

Craig, Robin Kundis and Anna M. Roberts. When will governments regulate nonpoint source pollution? A comparative perspective. 42 B.C. Envtl. Aff. L. Rev. 1-64 (2015).

Dernbach, John C. The potential meanings of a constitutional public trust. 45 Envtl. L. 463-518 (2015).

Farber, Daniel A. Breaking bad? The uneasy case for regulatory breakeven analysis. 102 Cal. L. Rev. 1469-1493 (2014).

Fisher, Elizabeth, Pasky Pascual and Wendy Wagner. Rethinking judicial review of expert agencies. 93 Tex. L. Rev. 1681-1721 (2015).

Hsu, Shi-Ling. The accidental postmodernists: a new era of skepticism in environmental policy. 39 Vt. L. Rev. 27-88 (2014).

Knudsen, Sanne H. Adversarial science. 100 Iowa L. Rev. 1503-1557 (2015).

Larson, Rhett B. Interstitial federalism. 62 UCLA L. Rev. 908-968 (2015).

Light, Sarah E. The new insider trading: environmental markets within the firm. 34 Stan. Envtl. L.J. 3-55 (2015).

Markell, David L. and Robert L. Glicksman. A holistic look at agency enforcement. 93 N.C. L. Rev. 1-76 (2014).

Nelson, Rebecca. Paying back the river: a first analysis of western groundwater offset rules and lessons for other natural resources. 34 Stan. Envtl. L.J. 129-194 (2015).

Pappas, Michael. Anti-waste. 56 Ariz. L. Rev. 741-789 (2014).

Revesz, Richard L. Quantifying regulatory benefits. 102 Cal. L. Rev. 1423-1456 (2014).

Rossi, Jim. “Maladaptive” federalism: the structural barriers to coordination of state sustainability initiatives. 64 Case W. Res. L. Rev. 1759-1789 (2014).

Kelly, Ryan P., Ashley L. Erickson and Lindley A. Mease. How not to fall off a cliff, or, using tipping points to improve environmental management. 41 Ecology L.Q. 843-886 (2014).

Owen, Dave and Colin Apse. Trading dams. 48 UC Davis L. Rev. 1043-1109 (2015).

Sinden, Amy. Formality and informality in cost-benefit analysis. 2015 Utah L. Rev. 93-172.


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About Eric

Eric Biber is a specialist in conservation biology, land-use planning and public lands law. Biber brings technical and legal scholarship to the field of environmental law…

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About Eric

Eric Biber is a specialist in conservation biology, land-use planning and public lands law. Biber brings technical and legal scholarship to the field of environmental law…

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