UC Berkeley & UCLA Law Launch New Climate Policy Website

Register for a webinar on the new site’s features on Wednesday at 2pm, with a keynote by Mary Nichols

To meet the challenge of climate change, California and other governments will need to adopt a suite of policies affecting multiple sectors. Reducing economy-wide greenhouse gas emissions will take reforms in energy, land use, transportation, and agriculture, to name just a few.

Since 2009, UC Berkeley and UCLA Schools of Law, with the generous support of Bank of America, have been developing policy recommendations for California and other jurisdictions to meet ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets. In California and increasingly in other jurisdictions, these targets are legally mandated and based on what climate scientists tell us is needed to reduce the threat of catastrophic climate change.

Please join us for a free webinar this Wednesday, November 9th, from 2-3pm, to launch the two law schools’ new climate policy website. The site contains all the recommendations from our work since 2009 on reducing carbon emissions in multiple sectors of the economy. It features easy-to-navigate pages organized by issue topic (renewables, fuels, etc.). It also groups solutions around the specific challenges they address and lists them by the actors who can implement them (state officials, local representatives, businesses, etc.)

All of the policy recommendations result from a series of workshops the law schools have convened since 2009. They included key stakeholders from the business, academic, and policy sectors of the affected industries. The recommendations are also contained in reports accessible via CLEE or the UCLA Emmett Institute.

The webinar will feature:

  • Mary Nichols, chair of the California Air Resources Board
  • Nancy Pfund, founder and managing partner, DBL Investors
  • Amanda Eaken, transportation & climate director, Natural Resources Defense Council

We will also include a demonstration of the website, now available at www.climatepolicysolutions.org

Register today at this link and to receive instructions about how to participate. Note that attendance will be capped. Hope you can join!

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