Whoops, We Almost Forgot to Ask You For Money!

In otherwise grim times, Berkeley & UCLA are supporting California’s forward environmental progress.

Unlike a lot of blogs, we don’t plague you with requests for money.  But it’s that time of year And this is your last chance for a deductible 2016 gift to support positive change in a really negative time for our country.

Legal Planet is a joint product of the Berkeley’s Center for Law, Energy, and Environment (CLEE), and UCLA’s Emmett Institute on Climate Change & the Environment.  It’s become clear that the State of California will be a key part of efforts to continue environmental progress despite a toxic political situation in D.C.  Our centers are deeply involved in those California efforts. So why not support us, and show your support for what California is doing?

Now, for more about our activities. This blog isn’t our only joint project.  We also share the Climate Change and Business Research Initiative, a program that works closely with the Governor’s office.  This program focuses on improving incentives and reducing legal barriers for renewable energy and other sustainable technologies.  It works with business leaders, government officials, and other stakeholders to find pragmatic policy solutions.  One of my favorite projects involved siting for solar energy.  It’s often hard to site large solar facilities because developers pick sites that turn out to be environmentally sensitive.  But developers and environmental groups alike were both delighted when we found large areas that were acceptable on both sides.  Of course, this is only one of many projects.  Other notable initiatives have involved working with the Governor’s office on expanding use of rooftop solar and electrical cars.

UCLA and Berkeley both have their own projects, of course.  I urge you to check out the webpages themselves, but here are some highlights. Berkeley has two big initiatives, one dealing with California’s water problems (especially groundwater), and the other with the problems of the world’s oceans.  UCLA has a major project with the California Public Utility Commission and also produces a series of policy papers on a variety of topics, often relating to climate change.

Have I persuaded you yet? Why not end the year with a gift that will help California’s positive momentum?  Just click on either one of these two links:

Give to CLEE at Berkeley

Give to the Emmett Institute at UCLA

       *For UCLA, select “Dean’s Discretionary Fund” and write “Please direct my gift to support the Emmett Institute” in the           Comments section)


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