Getting involved on public lands issues

Some resources and advice on how to engage Congress

I’ve gotten some requests about how our readers can be involved in the public lands issues that we are tracking. If you are interested in engaging with your Congressional representatives around any of the public lands bills that we are tracking, whether to support or oppose them, here is some advice and resources.

First, it is much more effective to call your representatives (whether Senators or House members) than to email or sign an online petition. When you call, you should specifically mention the piece of legislation you are interested in, why you are interested in it, and what you would like the representative to do. Ideally, you ask for the staffer who works on public lands issues to speak with them, but if they are not available, then you should directly communicate with the staffer who answers the phone. Many times the staffer will ask for your name and zip code, so they can determine if you are constituent.

Second, as a general rule, it is really only effective to contact the two Senators and Representative who specifically represent you. You can find out who your Representative is here. You can find contact info for your Senators here, and for your Representative here.

It will be most helpful to contact your representatives well in advance of any floor votes, so that there is time for your input to be registered.

Representatives do keep track of calls on legislation like this, so your voice can make a difference.

If the DC office phone line is busy, you can call the district/home state office(s) of the representative. You should go to the website of the Representative or Senator to find that information.

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