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Greener on the Other Side?: An Occasional Series Regarding California’s Green Chemistry Regulations

This is the first in a series of  postings about Assembly Bill 1879 (AB1879), California’s “Green Chemistry” program.  This summer California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) issued draft regulations, the comment period for which is currently open. Let’s start with the mega-view of the nascent program.  In the organic statute, AB1879, DTSC was charged …


What’s Really Wrong With TSCA?

As Dan Farber discussed in his recent post, David Markell ‘s recent paper on TSCA provides some really interesting history.  John Applegate has some fascinating pieces on the history and future of TSCA as well–well worth the read  also.   I thought it was curious that Dan focused on cost-benefit barriers imposed by the courts as being the obstacle to effective risk regulation, …


UCLA Sustainable Technology Policy Program Receives Grant for Alternatives Assessment

The Sustainable Technology Policy Program, an interdisciplinary project of UCLA School of Law and the UCLA School of Public Health, has received a research grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Public Health Law Research Program to study safer alternatives to the use of lead in industrial and consumer products and processes. The grant, in …