Fifteen Years of Legal Planet

5700 blog posts later, we’re still speaking — if not “truth to power”— then our best approximation of truth, to anyone who’ll listen.

A decade and a half ago, the law school here announced the launch of a new environmental law blog by Berkeley and UCLA. The March 11, 2009 press release began: “The University of California, Berkeley, School of Law (Berkeley Law) and UCLA School of Law today announced the launch of a new blog, Legal Planet, …


UCLA Law Clinic Files Amicus Brief Seeking Review of Decision in Berkeley Gas Case

Photo of a gas water heater

The Environmental Law Clinic joins other local, state, and federal governments, as well as NGOs, in urging the Ninth Circuit to take a second look at the case.

Yesterday, the UCLA Environmental Law Clinic filed a brief in the California Restaurant Association v. Berkeley case on behalf of seven law professors: our own William Boyd, Dan Farber and Sharon Jacobs at UC Berkeley, Jim Rossi at Vanderbilt, David Spence at UT Austin, Shelley Welton at UPenn, and Hannah Wiseman at Penn State. (The …


What’s Next in the Fight over Berkeley’s Natural Gas Ordinance

The Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center, where the Mayor's Office and City Council are located

In a petition seeking review of the decision, the City of Berkeley says that the opinion from a Ninth Circuit panel takes federal preemption too far.

The City of Berkeley just filed a petition for en banc review in its long-running litigation in defense of an ordinance it passed that restricts natural-gas infrastructure in new construction. This litigation has been watched by many in the climate-policy world because of the popularity of laws like Berkeley’s; it took on new relevance for local-authority …


New Environmental Law Rankings Place UCLA Law and Berkeley Law in Top 10

Rankings Reflect Colleagues’ Recognition

U.S. News and World Report, the most visible ranker of graduate programs, publishes its ranking of environmental law programs at U.S. law schools each spring, and the new list is out.  Berkeley Law is ranked #3, and UCLA Law is ranked #10 – the first time we have cracked the Top 10.  Along with Georgetown, …


Lisa Jackson Speech

Following up on Holly’s post, here is video of the speech.  (And no, contrary to a rumor in the blogosphere, she didn’t call conservative critics “jack-booted thugs.”  Instead, as you’ll see, she commented that they used this term about EPA.) [youtube=]


More Free On-Line Courses

These classes are very popular with Berkeley students.  They’ve had thousands of downloads already. Law 270.7 – Renewable Energy & Alternative Fuels – Steve Weissman (Fall 2008): Law 270.6 – Energy Regulations and the Environment – Steve Weissman (Spring 2008): Law 271 – Environmental Law and Policy – Holly Doremus (Spring 2008):