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A Legal Planet Milestone

The blog has now had more than two million views since its founding.

I’m pleased to announce that the number of hits on Legal-Planet.org has just passed the one million mark.  Before we switched to the new site in 2013, we had amassed over a million hits at our previous site, so the blog is now past the two-million mark since the blog was founded in March 2009..  That …


Legal Planet Reaches 750,000 Hits

Just before Christmas, Legal Planet reached 750,000 hits.  In addition, 800 people get daily updates on Legal Planet by email or Twitter, without necessarily visiting the website. We really appreciate your interest, and we’ll do our best to keep you supplied with information and opinions on all things environmental in 2012. Best wishes from all …


New Voices in Environmental Law

This blog features some work by some junior scholars and some established ones.  One thing that we’ve tried to do, from time to time, is to direct attention to new electronic sources on environmental law.  In that spirit, here some blogs and twitter feeds featuring junior scholars that we think are worth a look: Matt …


200,000 Hits on Legal Planet

When we started, we were hoping for 50,000 hits in our first year of operation, and we weren’t at all confident that we could come close to that.  Instead, we have now topped 200,000. That’s exactly fifty thousand times as many viewings as the average law review article.  Actually, I just made that up, but …


Welcoming Stanford to the Eco-Blogosphere

Stanford Law School has a new blog, “Environment and Energy Insight,”  which may be of interest to our readers: At Environment & Energy Insights, you will find a new post on our blog at least every two weeks that will address a topic of immediate relevance to environmental lawyers and policymakers. The authors include Meg …