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Will the TPP Undermine Climate Policy?

The short answer: probably not much, maybe not at all

Representatives of U.S. environmental negotiations have shown up in Paris to campaign against the new TPP trade agreement. (here) They’ve also been actively engaged in discussions with Democratic law-makers, in an effort to block approval.  A key objection is that the TPP will undermine climate policy.  Jim Salzman had a great post last week  on …


Environmental Review of Free Trade Agreements

Why aren’t we talking about climate change?

Last week, the period for public comment on an interim environmental review of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement closed, marking perhaps the last significant opportunity for public input on the environmental impacts of the proposed agreement.  The review was conducted to identify potential environmental effects of the TPP, as required by an Executive Order …


Free Trade, Deregulation, and Clean Energy — A Good Mix?

Some scholars like to suggest that there is a natural regulatory cycle: the perception of market failures leads to regulation, and the perception of regulatory failures leads to deregulation.  While the 1990s were dominated by free trade agreements and economic deregulation, many political observers see greater acceptance of regulation now, in light of investor malfeasance …