Gas Tax

Guest Bloggers Michael Wara and Danny Cullenward: Understanding SB 775: A Realistic Path to Achieving California’s Climate Goals

SB 775 Provides a Strong Carbon Pricing Policy and Addresses Legal and Political Constraints

Two recent Legal Planet contributors have shared concerns about SB 775 over the last several days (Ann Carlson’s piece is here and Dallas Burtraw’s is here). We write here to provide context—economic, legal, and political—to help readers, and perhaps even these respected authors, better understand why the bill proposes to extend and evolve California’s approach …


The Fairness of Using the Gas Tax to Support Transit

A lot of people are out driving on this Labor Day weekend, which means buying gas and paying the gas tax that’s included in the price.  As it happens, last week, the GOP adopted a platform condemning the use of the highway fund  to support transit. The platform seems to reflect conservative fairness concerns, like …