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A (Previously) Unsung Environmental Champion

John Podesta Is (Finally) Getting Some Credit: What Might It Mean for a President Hillary Clinton?

If you don’t read the High Country News, you should: it is a tremendously good independent source for environmental news, particularly news affecting the Intermountain West. And particularly given the collapse in a lot of good journalism, it is important to support it. HCM’s most recent issue, though, is less Wyoming and more Beltway. It …


Is dam removal in the offing on the Lower Snake River?

For most of two decades, environmentalists have sought removal of four federal dams on the Lower Snake River for the sake of the northwest’s wild salmon runs. So far, they have been stymied by the agencies that operate the dams — the Corps of Engineers and Bonneville Power Administration — and local utility and industry …


Nominee for key USDA post

President Obama has nominated Homer Lee Wilkes, a career employee of the USDA’s Natural Resource Conservation Service and currently the head of NRCS’s Mississippi office, to become undersecretary for natural resources and environment. That’s a key post for environmental policy because it oversees the US Forest Service as well as the much smaller NRCS. The …