Insurance Commissioner

Insuring Extreme Heat Risks: Q+A with CA Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara

Insurance Commissioner answers questions on insurance and extreme heat issues

Yesterday, CLEE released Insuring Extreme Heat Risks, which investigates the potential for insurance and other financial risk transfer mechanisms to address the multi-faceted and growing risks that climate change-related extreme heat poses to public health, infrastructure, educational and labor productivity, and other vital systems. California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara, who provided vital support for the report …


How Does Increasing Wildfire Risk Affect Insurance in California?

Affordability and Availability of Wildfire Insurance Are Less Stable Under Changing Conditions

(This post is part of a series on the issue of climate change and insurance that my colleague Ted Lamm and I are writing, inspired by a symposium that the law schools co-organized with the California Department of Insurance earlier this year. You can find more information on the symposium here. Ted’s prior related post …