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Follow the Money

Investment in the World Energy System Still Dominated by Fossil Fuels

Not that money.  Not the hush money, the payoffs, the tax and banking fraud.  And not the dark money seeking to influence our environmental, climate, and clean energy policies.  Nope, I am talking about the actual money invested in the world energy system last year.  Granted, this may not be as interesting to many readers …


Who Is Ernest Moniz?

And why should you care? Moniz is a nuclear physics professor at MIT, the director of the MIT energy project, and at least according to a lot of reports, President Obama’s first choice to head the Energy Department.  Anything not to like about that? Well, lots of environmentalists don’t seem to.  The Daily Beast reports …


Natural Gas Fracking: Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

When George Washington Law School’s Richard Pierce talks about energy, I listen.  And a few days ago he posted a short piece with the provocative title, “Natural Gas Fracking Addresses All Of Our Major Problems.”  (emphasis in original!).  If you want to read the nutshell case for why fracking is good, then this is your …


Golden Rules for Fracking

Well, this is embarrassing.  Kevin Drum, one of the best bloggers out there, posted a few days ago on the issue of whether hydraulic fracturing is good or bad for the environment.  Kevin covers the ground that we have here before, namely: Yes, natural gas is better than coal or other fossil fuels in terms …


4 degrees warming here we come!

With the Durban COP17 negotiations concluded, there seem to be two lines of thought in the environmental community: Wow, that was better than expected. Our climate is really screwed. In this case, I think both (1) and (2) can be simultaneously true.  For some summaries of what went down at Durban, check out CleanTechnica, Climate …