Mexico as a Lead Pollution Haven

The New York Times has published a piece about the unintended consequences of U.S environmental regulation.  The Times focuses on how U.S lead battery disposal regulation has contributed to our exporting dead batteries to Mexico.   If Mexico has more lax disposal regulation and if more people live close to areas where dead batteries are …


What’s in Your Juice?

NPR reported yesterday about a study by Environmental Law Foundation (ELF) of lead (that’s right, lead) in juices and packaged fruits marketed for kids.  The group purchased single serving packages of juice and fruits and sent them to an EPA-certified laboratory for testing.  According to NPR, the group discovered that “[m]any individual servings of apple juice, grape juice, …


UCLA Sustainable Technology Policy Program Receives Grant for Alternatives Assessment

The Sustainable Technology Policy Program, an interdisciplinary project of UCLA School of Law and the UCLA School of Public Health, has received a research grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Public Health Law Research Program to study safer alternatives to the use of lead in industrial and consumer products and processes. The grant, in …