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Putting the Squeeze on Coal

It’s not enough to eliminate coal-fired plants. We have to cut back on coal production and sale.

Coal use by American utilities has declined sharply and will continue to decline. But we shouldn’t focus solely on U.S. emissions. But the industry also exports coal, and there’s been a big surge in coal exports in the past two years, much of it involving India. So it’s not enough to curtail coal use in …


The Coal Mining Stream Buffer Rule Evokes Firestorm of Protest. #getagrip

Political polarization has gotten to the point where there would be immediate denunciations if the President issued a proclamation honoring apple pie. Another intrusion into consumer choice, besmirching those who prefer cherry and pumpkin!  Another blatant overreach by an out-of-control, incipient tyrant!  Not only is every executive action accompanied by loud resistance, but the same explosion of …


Giving the Coal Industry the Byrd

Senator Byrd (D-W. Va.) has long by a mainstay of the coal industry.  Actually, you could add the phrase “has long been” to almost any sentence about Byrd — he’s been around for a heck of a long time.  After all, he’s served longer than any member of Congress in history.  You might expect him …