The Complexities of Implementing Brexit

Scores of regulatory arrangements will need to be negotiated. Lots of work for lawyers!

The larger implications of the Brexit vote are understandably getting a lot of attention.  It’s clear, for instance, that the UK will need to negotiate some kind of trade agreement with the EU, and that it will probably want to negotiate one with the U.S. But there are myriads of  issues that need to be worked out, …


Mick Jagger on Chemical Reform

Vermont’s new chemical program looks to be a mixed bag

Vermont just joined the posse of states taking chemical regulation reform into their own hands in the face of inaction in Congress.  Last week the Green Mountain State enacted a new law covering chemicals in children’s products.  (A children’s product is defined as “any consumer product, marketed for use by, marketed to, sold, offered for …


Chemical Policy and Homeland Security Redux

The Bureau of National Affairs reported recently that the House Homeland Security Committee is considering draft legislation that would require major chemical facilities to evaluate the use of inherently safer design to reduce chemical security risks.  Generally speaking, inherently safer design attempts to reduce risks associated with the storage and use of hazardous chemicals by …