Sean Hecht

You Can’t Fool All Of The People All Of The Time

California Cleans Trump’s Clock In Court

  Sometimes judges can read: In its rush to delay, repeal and rewrite rules it considers unduly burdensome to industry, the administration has experienced significant setbacks in court. Federal judges have sided with California and environmental groups in cases concerning air pollution, pesticides and the royalties that the government receives from companies that extract oil, …


A poor grade for California’s new Rigs-to-Reefs law

Ever gaze up from a Southern California beach and wonder about the fate of the oil and gas rigs dotting the horizon?  Fellow blogger Sean Hecht has just published, with UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, an assessment of California’s new law governing “rigs-to-reefs” conversions–and suggests that lawmakers have much more work to do …


Hear Sean on KCRW discussing tonight’s California gubernatorial debate

The last of the Meg Whitman / Jerry Brown debates is happening tonight and promises to be a doozie (& not just because of the recent uproar over name-calling).  By all accounts the election remains up in the air, with much at stake for environmental regulation in California (see here and here, e.g.).  For post-debate …