water supply

The Future of the Colorado

The Bureau of Reclamation has issued an important new report on the future of the Colorado River.  The Colorado supplies drinking water to 40 million people and irrigation water to nearly 5.5 million acres of land. The report projects decreases in supply over the next fifty years, including a 9% decrease in average flow and a …


The Debt Burden on Future Generations

According to GOP.gov, [T]he amount of debt placed on the backs of children born today is about to explode. If nothing is done, our generation will have the sad legacy of being the first to lower the standard of living of the next generation. . . . Unless drastic actions are taken to reduce spending …


Goodby Ski Slopes, Hello Drought

Climate change means not only changes in temperature, but changes in precipitation.  These precipitation changes are especially important in arid regions like the American West.  There is reason to be concerned about the future of Western climate, according to the latest report from ScienceNow: The Rocky Mountains have lost an unusual amount of springtime snowpack …