Jon Cannon To Be EPA Deputy Administrator

President Obama has nominated Jon Cannon, Professor of Law at University of Virginia, to be the EPA’s new Deputy Administrator, subject to Senate confirmation. Cannon has extensive experience in the federal government, including three years as the EPA’s General Counsel from 1995-98. In my view he’s a great appointment. His background gives him enormous experience, he’s incredibly smart and knowledgeable and he’s genuinely a nice, thoughtful and reasonable guy. His political and agency experience strike me as a great complement to Adminstrator Lisa Jackson’s background as a state environmental official.

Cannon’s appointment continues Obama’s record of drawing on the legal academy for prominent environmental positions. Cannon joins Georgetown Law Professor Lisa Heinzerling at the EPA, where Heinzerling is serving as counsel to Adminstrator Lisa Jackson, and Harvard Law Professor Jody Freeman, who is serving as counselor on energy and climate to to White House Energy Czar Carol Browner. Any other law professor appointments on environmental, energy or natural resources issues that I’m missing?

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