Gorbachev Goes Green

Matt Peterson’s blog reports:

President Gorbachev, the founder of Green Cross International (Global Green USA is the American affiliate) . . .  said, “It’s not just a matter of rescuing the world’s economy — there is more at stake. We must not expect the outcome of this crisis will be the replicating of the same old model of the economy we had for 50 years. If we base the efforts for a healthy economy on this effort to reduce hydrocarbons, this would lay the groundwork for a sustainable economy and sustainable growth in the future,” he said. “The environment has its own laws that cannot be violated. … If we do, then we the world will be losers.”

I suppose that if there’s anythng Gorbachev knows, it’s that very large-scale changes can happen very quickly after long periods of apparent stability.  Call him an expert in applied complexity theory.

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