A New Website on Climate Economics

Climate Economics Website

Real Climate Economics offers a wealth of information from a pro-regulatory perspective:

The Real Climate Economics website offers a reader’s guide to the real economics of climate change, an emerging body of scholarship that is consistent with the urgency of the problem as seen from a climate science perspective. As the climate policy debate intensifies, economic analysis is playing an increasingly central role. The case for inaction is no longer argued on the grounds of skepticism about the science; instead, some have claimed that it will be too expensive to take more than token initiatives. There is now extensive economic analysis that challenges and refutes this idea. The peer-reviewed literature demonstrates that there is rigorous economic support for immediate, large-scale policy responses to the climate crisis.

One of the economists involved  is Frank Ackerman, who co-authored the book Priceless with Georgetown law professor Lisa Heinzerling — who herself is now a senior advisor at EPA.

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