Tracking state climate policy

The New America Foundation has released a new tool for tracking state climate planning and policy efforts. The Foundation’s State Climate Policy Tracker compiles publicly available information about the measures states are implementing, the degree of progress, and their potential GHG emission reductions. According to the Foundation:

Since 2006, 33 U.S. states have created climate action blueprints to guide greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions efforts. These blueprints, often guided by a reduction target, contain on average 50 policy ecommendations, and states have already started to implement many of them.

Although I found the Excel spreadsheet interface clumsy, this database, which the Foundation plans to periodically update, will surely be useful for states (and the feds) looking to the experience of others, and for outsiders tracking or seeking to evaluate state climate efforts. The Pew Center on Global Climate Change has been the best available source of information on the range of state actions, but its site does not seem to have been updated recently.

This tool is focused (quite reasonably) entirely on mitigation measures. It would be nice to have a similar tool to track state and local adaptation planning and response efforts.

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  1. A collection of US state climate action maps provides the Pew Center’s most up-to-date information on this topic. A list of links to these maps can be found here:

    More news of climate action at the state and regional levels can be accessed from the Pew Center’s website here:

    I hope you find these to be helpful resources, and thanks for visiting the Pew Center’s site.

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