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The Santa Clara Valley Water District has created a Climate Change Portal on its website, compiling “reports and other technical literature on the subject of climate change” and how it could affect the District’s work. The reports can be browsed by topic or date. They include everything from hard-core science to legal analysis, and from local to global scope. No single site can keep up with all the information being generated about global warming and its consequences, but this site has a selection of documents deemed useful by those who have to deal with climate change professionally. Some of the commenters on Dan’s Open Letter to climate change deniers might want to spend some time with this material. (Hat tip: AWRA Water Blog.)

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  1. Holly Doremus said:

    “…Some of the commenters on Dan’s Open Letter to climate change deniers might want to spend some time with this material…”

    Dear Holly,

    If Professor Dan has valid scientific data to support his position then he should respond directly to the commenters on his open letter to climate change deniers.

    Climate change proponents harm their credibility when they ignore and dismiss well founded scientific evidence and the constructive arguments of those who hold opposing views. This gives us hope that cap & trade can be defeated.

  2. Perhaps if this was done with all municipal offices, a good deal more awareness of the impact of climate change on peoples’ lives would be realised. This could only benefit us in the long run.

  3. Dear Roger,
    If climate change was seriously impacting the lives of ordinary citizens then it would not be necessary to create a website to increase awareness of the issue.

    For example, it is not necessary to create a website to make people aware of the impact of our slow economy because this is a real problem that is not speculative or hypothetical.

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