Rep. Waxman, Sen. Pavley, and Mary Nichols talk climate change

For those of you interested in the relationship between federal climate legislation and California’s landmark global warming laws, tune in tomorrow 10am-noon PDT for a public forum at UCLA.  It will be live webcast here, and yes, we are apparently even twittering it.  Rep. Henry Waxman will talk about his work in passing the American Clean Energy and Security Act through the House earlier this year; Sen. Pavley and Mary Nichols, Chair of the Air Resources Board, will discuss California’s AB 32 and the state’s work to implement it; and a panel of experts will testify about the science, economics, and policy choices underlying these state and federal climate efforts.  Sen. Pavley will then moderate audience questions.

I’ll be watching for a few things.  What hints does Waxman give about his view of Senate climate negotiations this fall, especially on trade questions, offsets (foreign and agricultural), and Clean Air Act preemption? Will Nichols or Pavley talk about how good any federal law must be in order to justify usurping California cap-and-trade authority?  And — related to Ann’s and Dan’s posts last week on healthcare-style protesters — will this event foreshadow the protests to come on the climate bill?  Anti-healthcare-reform activists, pro-healthcare-reform supporters, and general tea party types have all sought and received permits to gather outside the UCLA forum hall tomorrow.  We’ll see what talking points they bring on climate change.

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