Boxer-Kerry pre-draft released

UPDATE: The full bill as introduced is posted here on Senator Kerry’s web site, and a 19-page section-by-section summary is here. (Hat tip: Ben Somberg, Center for Progressive Reform.)

Senators Boxer and Kerry are expected to introduce their greenhouse gas regulation bill on Wednesday.  The Washington Post has posted what it describes as a “close-to-final” version of the bill that clocks in at a cool 801 pages.  Obviously there’s a lot here. One positive addition compared to Waxman-Markey is direction to EPA to set performance standards for large stationary sources of GHG emissions — that’s an aspect of the Clean Air Act that should work as well for greenhouse gases as for conventional pollutants. Another improvement is the addition of transportation planning provisions, taking on the problem of transportation sector emissions from the vehicle miles traveled perspective, as well as the tailpipe perspective.