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…in order to outsource it to John Cole of Balloon Juice, who pretty much says it all regarding the fact that the scientists involved in “Climategate” were exonerated by a House of Commons investigation:

Sadly, Al Gore is Still Fat, So I’m Not Sure Anyone Will Care

by John Cole

I’m sure the media and right wing blogs will give this the same amount of attention they gave the climate change denialists will ignore this completely

The UK scientist at the center of the “Climategate” controversy over leaked e-mails has been cleared of hiding or manipulating data by a parliamentary committee.  But lawmakers who had been investigating the row over global warming science said in a report published Wednesday that climate scientists must publish all their raw data and methods to ensure the research is “irreproachable.”  


The Commons report said the leaked emails suggested a “blunt refusal” by Jones to share scientific data but its chairman Phil Willis said there was no evidence that Jones hid or manipulated data to back up his own science.

If the NY Times behavior in the ACORN case is any example, I’m pretty sure they will get around to clarifying their part in the climate change denialist binge around the time Manhattan is submerged by ten feet of sea water. And, in fairness, if they continue to employ Douthat, Brooks, and Friedman, I’m ok with that outcome.


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