Rand Paul and the Environment

Rand Paul, Kentucky’s Republican nominee for  U.S. Senate, has obviously garnered huge attention in the last few days for his comments on civil rights.   But his views about environmental topics ought to grab a few headlines too.  Consider the following:

— He’s called the Environmental Protection Agency “out of control,”, and ” a regulatory body run amok,”

— He says  that a cap and trade system to control greenhouse gas emissions  could lead to “toilet paper taxes.”

—  He claims that  climate legislation will create “an army of armed EPA agents, thousands of them,” who will use their power to raid private homes to see that residents have complied with energy efficiency standards;

— He criticizes the EPA for “arrogance” for regulating greenhouse gas emissions “on [their] own,” ignoring the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Massachusetts v. EPA requiring such regulation;

–He thinks that the regulation of mining, oil drilling and manufacturing should be “under the purview of state authorities,” not the federal government;

— And he says that Obama’s criticism of BP over the Gulf oil spill is “really un-American.”

I’ll just let Paul’s words speak for themselves.

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