Carly Fiorina and the Environment

Carly Fiorina’s website devotes considerable attention to energy and environment.  Here are the high points:

  • She opposes cap-and-trade, which she says (based on a Heritage Foundation study) would cost each American family $2700/yr.
  • She favors improvements in energy efficiency and “development of all domestic forms of energy, including nuclear, solar, wind and clean coal, and the exploration and drilling for oil and natural gas.”  Drill, baby, drill!
  • The Central Valley needs more water, the Endangered Species Act notwithstanding: “Nearly 40,000 of our fellow Californians are out of work in the Central Valley because of our state’s urgent water crisis, and job losses will only increase unless the U.S. Senate acts now to turn the pumps back on.”  Barbara Boxer “continues to prioritize a small fish ahead of the livelihoods of California’s farmers and farm workers.

I was curious about any environmental issues that might have arisen during her watch at HP, but didn’t find anything.  Overall, Fiorina seems to be to the right of Whitman, at least on environmental matters, making for a stark contrast with Boxer.

An aside: Fiorina’s father was Joseph Sneed, a federal judge who had been a law professor at Cornell and Stanford, and then dean at Duke.  When I entered teaching, a number of my colleagues had known Judge Sneed during his teaching career.


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