California politics

Key House Races in California

Three seats are up for grabs, and the races are very tight.

Three U.S. House races in California are rated as toss-ups. They could well be part of a Republican wave in November.  On the other hand, if the wave falters, these seats could be crucial to control of the House, or to how much of a Republican margin Kevin McCarthy will be able to work with …


Reflections on the Coastal Commission’s Implosion

The Implications of the Decision to Fire Charles Lester – and the Decision Not to Explain It

As Rick Frank insightfully discussed earlier this week, the California Coastal Commission has fired its former executive director, Charles Lester. Readers interested in more background information and analysis should read Rick’s post, as well as the excellent reporting by Tony Barboza and others from the LA Times. (And anyone who wants to hear about it …


Funny, It Doesn’t Look Bluish

The initial results in California last night make it seem like a sane drop of blue in the country.  Jerry Brown won for Governor; Barbara Boxer was re-elected; and Proposition 23, which would have reversed the state’s landmark climate change law, was resoundingly defeated.  Voters also approved Proposition 25, which allows the state budget to be …


Prop 23 and Little Oil

Prop 23 is getting national attention, including a story in the NY Times: Charles and David Koch, the billionaires who have played a prominent role in financing the Tea Party movement, donated $1 million to the campaign to suspend the Global Warming Solutions Act enacted four years ago, and signaled that they are prepared to …


New million-dollar donation from out-of-state oil company helps the attack on California’s climate change law

According to a story in today’s Los Angeles Times, a new $1 million cash infusion from Kansas-based oil company Koch Industries –the second-largest private company in the U.S. — is buoying the campaign in favor of Proposition 23, which would block implementation of California’s landmark law to limit greenhouse gas emissions.  The company is owned by …


Judge orders changes in ballot language for Proposition 23, which would suspend California’s greenhouse gas emissions law

Today, a judge ruled that the state must change the “title and summary” ballot language for Proposition 23, the oil-company-funded proposition that would suspend California’s landmark greenhouse gas emissions law AB 32.  (My colleague Ann Carlson wrote about this initiative campaign earlier this summer.)  Proposition 23 would render the law unenforceable until California’s unemployment rate …


A “thank you” to legislators who exempted the proposed L.A. football stadium from California’s environmental review law?

Last fall, I wrote about the California Legislature’s effort to exempt the proposed football stadium in the City of Industry from further environmental review under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).  I didn’t follow up on that post, but the Legislature ultimately approved the exemption in a special session in the fall.  Now, Los Angeles Times …


Barbara Boxer and the Environment

This is the fourth and final installment in a series about the environmental views of candidates for major office in California. (The others covered Meg Whitman, Jerry Brown, and Boxer’s opponent Carly Fiorina.) Boxer’s environmental views are easy to summarize: she’s very green.  Her campaign site lists a long list of environmental accomplishments.  It’s also …


Carly Fiorina and the Environment

Carly Fiorina’s website devotes considerable attention to energy and environment.  Here are the high points: She opposes cap-and-trade, which she says (based on a Heritage Foundation study) would cost each American family $2700/yr. She favors improvements in energy efficiency and “development of all domestic forms of energy, including nuclear, solar, wind and clean coal, and …


Jerry Brown and the Environment

Unlike Meg Whitman’s website, Brown’s website features the environment front and center, with long lists of his environmental accomplishments as California Attorney General and in his time as Governor.   I was particularly  interested in what he said about his accomplishments as mayor of Oakland, which (according to the website) included: • Reducing Greenhouse Gases: Under …