Congratulations to Berkeley Law alum Kassie Siegel

Last week, the Daily Journal named Kassie Siegel, Berkeley Law ’00, one of the most influential lawyers of the decade in California. Kassie directs the Center for Biological Diversity’s highly successful Climate Law Institute. I can’t send you to the Daily Journal story, because their web site requires a subscription, but you can read the Center for Biological Diversity’s press release. Best line from the press release:

“If I was facing extinction, I’d want Kassie Siegel as my lawyer,” said Patrick Parenteau, a law professor at the Vermont Law School and board member of the Institute. “Kassie has already left her mark on environmental law, and she’s just getting started.”


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  1. And Cara and I are both on CBD Climate Law Institute advisory board! Kassie has been visionary in her use of existing laws, including CEQA, NEPA, and the Endangered Species Act – to address climate change.

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