A new issue of Ecology Law Quarterly

Ecology Law Quarterly volume 37, number 3 is now on the streets (or at least on the web). Check out these articles:

  • Background Principles, Takings, and Libertarian Property: a Response to Professor Huffman, Michael C. Blumm & J.B. Ruhl  Read Article (PDF)
  • Ways of Seeing in Environmental Law: How Deforestation Became an Object of Climate Governance, William Boyd Read Article (PDF)
  • Climate Change and the Arctic: Adapting to Changes in Fisheries Stocks and Governance Regimes, Jennifer Jeffers Read Article (PDF)


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  1. Just for fun, am reading “Background Principles, Takings, and Libertarian Property”. If you have a moment for a n00b sort of question: at the top is something like a summary. Is that convention? Do most legal journals include that? (I’m used to format for clinical psych.)


  2. bentrem, thanks for your interest. That blurb at the beginning is an abstract that helps busy readers decide whether or not they should invest the time to read the full article. Every journal has its own conventions, but it’s pretty common these days for law reviews to include an abstract. That’s also typical of most peer-reviewed journals I read in the natural and social sciences, but it may not be common in your field.

  3. @Holly – Oh, the format for clinical psych papers actually requires it; I was very happy to see it in ELQ. Biggest reason being: I’ve worked out a design for something like a CMS that … have to remember that I’m in stealth mode … it’s a discourse-based decision support system. Basically it makes for evidence-based practice. So with this I have found a ready source for raw material. Thanks!

    p.s. http://groundplane.wordpress.com/gp-101 is my attempt to explain my system’s foundation

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