The Incoming Congressional Freshmen

Politico has a nice posting about the incoming freshman GOP in the House and their views on environment and energy issues.  The bottom line:

House Republican freshmen looking to make names for themselves on energy issues in the next Congress have some goals in common: Ramp up domestic energy production, roll back the Obama administration’s environmental rules and ensure that cap-and-trade stays dead.

Like the Bush Administration, these freshmen seem mostly to be oriented toward promoting the fossil fuel industry, many of them coming from coal or oil states.


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  1. Dear Dan,
    Fossil fuels will be our primary source of energy for the foreseeable future. As a society, we are slowly but steadily moving beyond the great carbon dioxide scare and the stigma associated with fossil fuels. In the future, our society must focus on more efficient methods for extracting, processing and utilizing fossil fuels in order to accomodate the demands of a growing population while protecting the environment.

    Alternative energy technologies such as solar and wind are not sustainable as major sources of energy because of high costs and the inefficiency of electricity production when compared to conventional power plants. Natural gas, clean coal, and nuclear power plants will continue to be the foundation of electrical generation in America.

    The incoming Congressional freshmen give us hope that energy and regulatory policies will begin to address and embrace this undeniable reality. May God Bless America.

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