There’s No Such Thing as Global Warming, Nope, None at All

From the NY Times blog today:

New figures issued on Thursday in Britain show that 2010 was the second-warmest year in the historical record. That comes on the heels of reports last week from two American agencies that 2010 was tied for the warmest year in the record books.

All three sets of numbers come from scientific programs that conduct rigorous analysis of the surface temperature of the earth, using thermometers and other instruments distributed across the globe.

Despite slight differences in the three reports, they all show pretty much the same thing: that the earth is warming, that most of the warmest years in the historical record since 1880 have come in the past decade or so and that 2010 was so warm it came close to setting the all-time record.

Nope, no warming at all. It’s just a coincidence  that recent years are hotter than earlier years.  Only a fool would deduce from that the world is getting warmer.


From Greenwire later that week:

Greenland’s massive ice sheet experienced record surface melting and runoff last year, according to research released today.

Unusually warm conditions in much of the country helped extend the annual melting season by up to 50 days longer in 2010 than the average observed between 1979 and 2009, researchers found.

Last year also set records for the amount of water runoff from the ice surface, loss of surface ice and the number of days when ice was bare rather than blanketed by snow. Summer snowfall was below average.


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