Wild horses in Ecology Law Currents

Freeze branded horses near Fallon, Nevada. Photo credit to Karen Hopple, from Ecology Law Currents.

Ecology Law Currents, the online companion to Ecology Law Quarterly, has just published an article sharply criticizing the Bureau of Land Management’s implementation of the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act. Here’s the editors’ synopsis:

Currents has just published a touching and fascinating article on wild horse and burro removal from federal lands entitled “A National Injustice: the Federal Government’s Systematic Removal and Eradication of an American Icon” by Bruce Wagman of Schiff Hardin and Lisa McCurdy of Greenburg Traurig.

The article chronicles the brutality of federal wild horse management as wild horses and burros compete for limited resources against more lucrative interests, such as oil and gas leases and leased grazing. The article also highlights the procedural barriers and institutional resistance to reform.

The article is rich with multi-media resources, such as videos of helicopter round-ups and photos of young foals attempting to nurse off one another after being separated from mares. Be sure to check out all the hyperlinks to numerous news accounts of the negative impacts of these policies.

Comments are welcome. Check out all the Currents content (or submit a piece for consideration) here.

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