A Little-Noticed Toxic Provision of the House’s Continuing Resolution

From Grist:

On Feb.17, in a 250-177 vote, the House of Representatives approved an amendment by Rep. John Carter (R-Texas) to deny any funds to EPA to “implement, administer or enforce” mercury and other toxic air pollution standards for all cement plants in the country.

The EPA standards that the House voted to block would reduce cement plants’ mercury emissions nationwide by 16,600 pounds, a 92 percent reduction from projected 2013 emission levels. . .

Were these toxic pollution safeguards allowed to take effect, EPA projects that starting in 2013 and every year thereafter, the standards would avoid: up to 2,500 premature deaths; 1,500 heart attacks; 17,000 cases of aggravated asthma; 32,000 cases of upper and lower respiratory symptoms; and 130,000 days when people would have missed miss work.

At long last, have they no shame?

Apparently not.

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  1. The EPA has never produced the names, dates, death certificates, autopsy reports, clinical data, and medical records of anyone to support its claims that American citizens have suffered “premature” death from exposure to air pollution. The EPA uses the term “premature deaths” to intentionally confuse and alarm the public by equating this contrived statistical gimmick to actual human deaths. The EPA distorts the truth and misleads the public with these callous and disgusting lies in order to inflate the so-called “benefits” of its existence.

    No one should ever trust the EPA to be honest, objective and reliable. The EPA is a corrupt government agency that has outlived its usefulness and does far more harm than good. It should be defunded, downsized, and repudiated. The sooner the better for all of us.

  2. “The names, dates, death certificates, autopsy reports, clinical data, and medical records.”

    Do you honestly expect us to believe that you would be satisfied with this level of documentation?

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